Message from Bryan Smyda

I began designing and making furniture while attending high school back in late 1970′s. As a member of a family that possessed and encouraged so much artistic talent I feel I was destined to end up where I am today, a full time furniture maker and designer. Although I spent 16 years of my life as a general contractor, I always seemed to gravitate back to the art world to find my real happiness and talent.

In 1999 I decided to take the advice my father gave to me. All along he had been telling me this simplistic advice, “Follow your talents and you will be happy, fulfilled and successful”.

We enjoy working in a large range of styles. From contemporary designs to more traditional designs, we enjoy the challenge of every new piece we create. All of our customers possess their own unique taste. We strive for designing the right piece that not only serves their purpose, but also compliments their individual personality.

We look forward to working with you,

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Bryan Smyda, Master Craftsman


Bryan Smyda (Master Craftsman) 


Bryan is the owner of Smyda Woodworking. Since the late 1970s, when his love of woodworking started, he has continually honed and perfected his skills in becoming one of today’s top furniture craftsmen.







Smyda Woodworking is now operating out of our newly constructed 5,000 square foot state-of-the-art climate controlled facility. This spacious work environment allows our craftsmen to design and create pieces in an inspiring atmosphere. 










Our work is showcased in Laurie Smith’s book: “Discovering Home”

Laurie Smith's inscription to Bryan SmydaThe popular designer from TLC’s Trading Spaces shares her own eclectic approach to home decorating. Designing rooms and personal spaces is what Laurie Smith does for a living. As one of the very first designers on TLC’s hit television series Trading Spaces Laurie has crafted and perfected her design techniques into an innovative and unique art. Now, in her very first design book, Discovering Home: Find Your Personal Style, Smith shares her original and classic approach to home design and renovation.

The inscription on this copy of the book reads: “To Bryan, your talent inspires me, thank you! Laurie Smith”




Our work is also showcased in I am a Craftsman: 40 at 40: Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Craftsmen’s Guild of Mississippi with 40 of Its Exhibiting Members”

Smyda Woodworking“In a Rankin County community known as Johns, Bryan Smyda creates a variety of artistic furniture for Mississippians and others all over the country. His pieces range from traditional cabinetry to sleek, contemporary furniture functioning as entertainment centers, tables, chairs, and beds [...] Whether Smyda is creating a highly stylized form or a custom-fit rocking chair, his talent for designing and building furniture is evident. Although he primarily works alone, an apprentice or a young person interested in the craft occasionally accompanies Smyda. His collaboration with youth builds on a primary joy he has found in this business–sharing his passion with others.”